Valamon luostari

Kiireettömyys kutsuu

The Valamo Institute is a meeting place for education, culture and personal growth. Study within the confines of the monastery offers a uniquely peaceful environment for any kind of work, supplemented even further by the beauty and tranquillity of the natural surroundings. At the monastery, it is possible to fully concentrate on the task at hand, no matter whether your objective is to develop yourself, learn something new or just appreciate the simple things.

The Valamo Institute offers a diverse selection of courses year round. Your learning experience at New Valamo can be of any length: take a sabbatical and dedicate yourself to learning the principles of the Orthodox culture and icon painting or choose a shorter course of just a few days for learning handicraft or self-improvement skills.

The course selection ranges from glass painting, metalworking, and paint-based dye production to aphorisms, relationship skills, silence retreats and many others. Courses can also be arranged on a tailor-made basis. Familiarize yourself with the course selection and feel free to contact our sales services with any inquiries you may have.

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