Voluntary work

Voluntary work

Volunteers have long been integral and important part of the Valamo Monastery community. The monastic milieu has in effect developed into its current shape with the joint efforts of the brotherhood, staff and volunteers, coming from Finland and all over the world. The Monastery welcomes everybody interested in voluntary work, independent of religious affilation or beliefs. However, from our voluntary workers we expect respect for the monastic tradition and life. Volunteer work gives you an opportunity to better understand the monastic life than would be possible through a more customary visit. The monastery is grateful to everyone who wants to help the monastery by giving their time and effort.

Work in the Monastery is done for God’s glory. Duties are of many different kinds and are equally valuable.

Every voluntary worker must fill application before arriving the voluntary work period. You can ask application forms from voluntary work coordinator or from the Monastery’s reseption.

Voluntary work coordinator goes through the applications and then agrees with the applicant the time and duties of the voluntary work period.

Generally, new volunteers will be taken for one or two week period.

Working assigments and duries vary, ingluding e.g. yard and garden work, harvesting, guiding and other customer service duties, library, Lay Academy and assisting the brotherhood in the church. The daily working hours are approximately 7-8 hour, six days a week. The working schedules in different assignments vary.

The voluntary work period generally starts on Sunday (arrival day) and end on the next Monday (departure day).

During the low season, from the beginning of September until the end of May, the opening times will be reduced, and voluntary workers will be accepted only for some limited projects


More information about voluntary work in the Monastery:

Brother Stefanos

stefanos (at) valamo.fi.