Valamo Monastery Library

The monastery library of Valamo monastery is a specialized library that continues the traditions of the monastery library in the old location of the monastery on Lake Ladoga. It serves the brotherhood of the monastery, the lay academy, the personnel and the guests of the monastery, scholars, students and other seekers of information.

The library has the most extensive collection of Russian Orthodox literature outside of Russia, including about 20 000 items: books, periodicals and manuscripts. The oldest items are from the 17th and the 18th centuries. The collection brought by the brotherhood from the old location of the monastery on Lake Ladoga, as well as other old literature in Russian and Church Slavonic, is kept in a closed storage room.

The new collection of the monastery contains more than 30 000 items. The collection is increased by acquisitions, exchanges and donations.The emphasis is in literature on Orthodoxy and monastic tradition. Within theological literature books on icons and hagiography are areas that are being expanded. The new collection also includes a lot of research literature as well as novels and poetry that have some kind of a conenction to the Orthodox culture and values.

The library of Valamo monastery is located in the Cultural Center of the Valamo monastery in Heinävesi. In addition to the Orthodox church musem RIISA in Kuopio, it is the most important memory organization in the Orthodox Church of Finland.

Opening hours

In winter (1.9.-31.5.)
Mon–Sat 12–14

In summer (1.6.-31.8.)
Mon-Sat klo 12-15



Valamo Monastery Library
Valamontie 42
79850 Uusi-Valamo
+35844 425 9217