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Group trips to the monastery 2024

Group trips to the monastery 2024

Welcome to an interesting trip to Valamo Monastery!

Culture, shopping, Winw House atmosphere as well as Trapesa's delicacies are suitable for the program.
If you wish, you can also stay overnight in the monastery.

The monastery's new exhibition, Martta Wendelin's Golden Sands for People's Paths is open until April 7, 2024.

Excursion highlights:
• On the church tour, you get to know the main church and the old church under the guidance of a guide
• Getting to know the exhibitions on your own
• Buffet dining in restaurant Trapesa
• On a visit to the atmosphere of Wine House, you will hear the story of the winery and get a taste of the monastery's production
• Time for shopping at the wine and souvenir shop and Trapesa; pastries, books, music, treats and more
• The Valamo tea table is a modern version of the Russian tea table developed while respecting tradition.

Check out the tours:


Church tour, exhibitions, buffet dining and departure coffees: €43/person.


Church tour, exhibitions, buffet dining, Viinitupa and departure coffees: €58/person.


Church tour, exhibitions, buffet dining, Viinitupa and in the evening a Valamo tea table.
Accommodation in a monastery hotel 2 hh, breakfast:

1.1.-31.5.2024 and 1.9.-31.12.2024 120€/person/2hh

1.6.-31.8.2024 130€/person/2hh


The minimum group size is 16 people, the driver and the tour leader are free when there are 20 people or more in the group.
Prices valid in 2024. The contents of the packages can be modified according to the wishes of the group.

More information and reservations:
Valamo monastery sales service
tel. 017 570 1810 (weekdays 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)